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Why Is There Controversy Around Penis Length?



Ever feel like you’ve read one penis article too many? Lets talk about where men get their facts on penis length:


Lets start with friends. Although they might have the best of intentions, or not, there aren’t many people with enough real knowledge on male anatomy to really give a reasonable answer over beers or while changing beside you in the locker room. They have more reasons to make up answers than expose themselves by sharing what they either really think or what length they really are when erect.


There are more lies and jokes on the internet about penises than real facts. Most of the effort is put towards fanning the misunderstanding of normal penis size. This is meant to inflame anxiety in young men, who then are vulnerable to buy the bogus products falsely claiming to be able to grow their penises. None of them work!

It pays to remember that a lot of the information available on the web is generated from fake ‘research’ that is flawed in method and design. From participants who over-report their size (which is not a surprise), to studies conducted by companies with a vested interest in selling products or services, not helping you. So, reliable information is hard to come by.


First, lets assume most men are not looking up articles in Urological Journals. The access to scientific data is limited by not knowing where to look and a low comfort level interpreting the findings.

It is even difficult to compare the reasonable studies out there done by real scientists. They seem to all have measured the penis in a slightly different way, or compared different things altogether. They also seem to forget to include one or another variable seen in other studies, which makes comparing them to each other difficult.

The Predicktor app took a number of these studies into consideration. It attempts to tie together the variables found in the studies into an algorithm that estimates what a man’s penis size might be, based on his anthropometric measures. Crazy, but the science is remarkably unclear on what one would think is easy to figure out. It also debunks a few myths on race and shoe size.

The Predicktor app used only peer review journal articles to estimate the average male penis length. Now men can use the app’s comparison function to compare their penis length to other men around the world, or in their own back yard. When they do this, they quickly realize that the average penis length is not all that different from theirs. The variation is quite small.

The peer reviewed journals interested in penis length have some reasonable goals. First, they want to debunk the myths around penis size which cause so much anxiety around the world. Second, they want accurate data on penis length. This is needed to convince some men that their penis length is healthy and within normal expected distribution – not an outlier. Third, sociologists study female and male perceptions and thoughts around penis size to reduce anxiety by sharing how penis size does or does not affect people’s attitudes to physical health and sexuality.

The take home message -  penis lengths are quite close to each  other and most women do not care how long it is anyhow.

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