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Does Condom Size Matter?

Condom breakage linked to penis width – not length.


Does penis size influence condom slippage and breakage? International Journal of STD and AIDS August 1998 9:448—451


This study examined the effect of penis dimensions on the probability of complete condom slippage and condom breakage in actual use. Men were recruited through advertising, used the condoms supplied and completed a diary sheet for each condom used. A total of 3658 condoms were used by 184 men of which 1.34 % broke and 2.05 % slipped off. No significant effect was demonstrated for penile dimensions on the probability of complete condom slippage. However, condom breakage was strongly associated with penile circumference. These findings suggest that condom manufacturers may need to increase the range of condom sizes available, or some aspects of their performance, in order to ensure that condoms meet the needs of all men without unduly exposing them to risk.

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